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Pink Changes Lives Pt 2

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Ok, so I was going to tell you a wonderful story

I read about Mary Kay offering an emergency grant to a women’s shelter when the pipes broke and they were going to have to close the doors – but I can’t find the right link to save my life – you’re going to have to take my word for it! It happened, somewhere. Found it!

Which  leads me to the real topic today – Mary Kay Foundation’s other mission: ending domestic abuse. As someone who experienced abuse as a child, this is near and dear to my heart. Here are just a few of the things Mary Kay Foundation has done.

1) Every October,  they award $20,000 shelter grants – not just one or two – last year they gave 150, $3 million.
2) Mary Kay Foundation has links to downloadable brochures and hotlines who can help.
3) Mary Kay Foundation supports education programs like Love Is Respect – which helps teens understand the issues of dating violence and offers a text helpline.
4) Each year, Mary Kay Foundation surveys shelters so we can get a big picture of what is happening on the front lines.


So once again this week – please consider donating NOW to the Mary Kay Foundation – it’s Pink Changing Lives.

Another way you can make a difference is by purchasing Beauty That Counts® Journey of Dreams™ Eau de Toilette. When you do from May 16, 2014, through Aug. 15, 2014, $2.50 will be donated by Mary Kay the Mary Kay Foundation – and I’ll donate my profit as well!

Let’s go do some good. 😉

Keep thinking Pink!

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Pink Changes Lives

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Mary Kay is not just about lipstick, but it’s about enriching women’s lives. One of the many ways we do that is through our Mary Kay Ash Foundation which helps fund research for cancers that affect women! Mary Kay has given millions to fight cancers that affect women.

One of the reasons I DONATE is because my family was changed by breast cancer – my sister lost her mother, that’s how I got to have an older sister when I was seven! I’ve seen this disease devastate several families at my church, stealing mothers, wives, and daughters way far before their times, and one of my fabulous team members is a breast cancer SURVIVOR!!! (That’s right, cancer – back off, we’re keeping her!)

Check out this amazing video on our Foundation’s Blog page. This gives me a lot of hope!! Grateful to all the scientists who work day and night to end the Fight!



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It’s more than makeup!

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I know, it’s not the best photo, but I wanted to let you guys see a little of what my Mary Kay career offers me! A few weeks ago, I took my husband on a fabulous cruise to Bermuda for our 30th anniversary, all paid for with my Mary Kay business.

Even if you only work Mary Kay part time, you can enjoy a Mary Kay lifestyle! I tucked a little of my profits in my dream account every month, and was able to pay for the entire trip in cash!

Just imagine being able to wake up and go to a beach like this! All because I helped women look and feel beautiful. Life is good!



If you’d like to know more about a career with Mary Kay, just send me a message on FB, comment on this blog, call/text/email me or visit my Mary Kay website.


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