Back from Seminar and oh Wow!


Hi, Joann here.

I just wanted to share a little about my trip to Dallas for Mary Kay Seminar 2012. Wow! What an awesome experience. This must be my 20th Seminar and they get better each time. The company has so many amazing things planned for this year because it’s our 50th anniversary.

The most important thing for my customers? Mary Kay Timewise Repair! Oh my goodness!! I’ve been using the Firming Serum and the Eye Creme for a week now and I just want to bathe in the stuff! I can already feel a difference in my skin. This product is specifically designed for skin that has signs of aging and damage. The Night Cream has Retinol!

Check out this info:


Needless to say, if you think your skin care could use a little oomph, this is the product for you! Available now! Just contact me or order online at

Want to try it in person? Set up a consultation with me! I’m in a special challenge to demonstrate our skin care to 50 women in the next 50 days, and I could really use your help!

Think Pink!

Joann @ mypinkchic!

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