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Dreams on sale!

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75 dollar starter kit Sept 2014


Let’s chat for a second. Are you loving your life? Do you get up Monday mornings excited to go to work? Does your boss have exciting plans for your future? Do you just love free Mary Kay?

Ask me WHY I love my business-take a quick survey and I have a free lip gloss for you!

Refer someone to me that doesn’t have a consultant and I have a $50 shopping spree for you when she orders her starter kit!

Gotta love choices and That’s ONE reason I love my life!! MSG me for details!!

Have you ever wanted to change careers? Or just make a few extra dollars a month working on your own schedule? Let’s talk!

maximize your makeup dollars sept 2014


start today


I’ll admit it.

I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be a Mary Kay Consultant! And certainly not for the past 26 years! I was busy working in the social work field, finishing my Master’s in Agency Counseling, and living the life of a busy newlywed with my military husband. But I didn’t love my job and we wanted to start a family, but we didn’t think we couldn’t afford for me to be a stay at home mom.


one courageous decision

Then Mary Kay entered my life.

And I took a chance. I was just going to do it “for a little while” while searching for a new full time job, but I discovered I LOVED IT! I loved having truly supportive Mary Kay girlfriends. I loved being my own boss – choosing my hours, my vacation days, and my income! I loved having mentors that I respected and who wanted to teach me and help me succeed! I loved making enough money to chose to be a WORK FROM HOME mom and raise my two children the way my husband and I chose. I loved that I could pay for fun vacations for the family – to Walk Disney World, the Bahamas, Cozumel, and Bermuda to name a few!

I invite you to

discover what you love


Want to know more? Contact me, or start here.








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Mary Kay Mascara – Keep the critters away!

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Mary Kay Mascara! Every girl’s best friend! just Mary Kay mascara rated 9.5!

Did you know you should change your mascara every 3 months? No seriously, you really need to toss it – even if you didn’t use it all. Check out this article from Brightest Bulb In the Box: Beauty for Critical Minds – (If you go to read the whole article – Note: naughty words warning!)

So, how long should you keep your mascara? The FDA recommends tossing your eyelash goop after two to four months, or any time your mascara has gotten dried up and crusty. Additionally, a 2008 study by Pack, Wickham, Enloe, and Hill found that three months of mascara use was sufficient to contaminate 36.4% of a mascara tubes with various Staphylococcus species, as well as some miscellaneous fungi. Based on this, they conclude that three months should be the absolute maximum length of time that anyone uses a tube of mascara.

Right now, I’m going to run a special – Mascara club! Purchase 4 mascaras, one for every three months (I’ll deliver them all at once  and send you a reminder every 3 months that it’s time for a fresh tube!) and I’ll give you a free bottle of Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover – a $15 value! Double up on Mascara Club and get 4 browns plus 4 blacks so you can mink your lashes, and I’ll also toss in a lash primer!

Want to try something fun?!!!! Try minking your lashes… Use brown mascara as your base coat. And tip about half the lash with black mascara for luxurious lash look! Add our lash primer for the WOW!


mink eyes


Order your new Mary Kay Mascaras today!!!

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Girls Night In and Free Fab Lashes!

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Want to get one of the newest hotest products on Mary Kay for free?

I’m going to give the next 10 women who book a Girls Night In, a totally FREE Mary Kay® Lash & Brow Building Serum™!

All you need to do is have 5 women at your event and hold on the original date we booked! PLUS you’ll get a Half Off Shopping Spree on any thing you’d like to treat yourself! How much fun is that? Contact me for details, because only 10 smart women are going to get this deal which ends July 25th!

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